Hello there. My name is Claudine Darling owner of Beanie Babies Queen. Just a short message about myself. I am retired and live on the beautiful Island of Coronado, California. It is a lovely Island about 1 1/2 miles wide and 3 miles long and I have lived here 2 1/2 years now. I am married to a wonderful man of whom I have known for 17 years and my mother of 83 lives down the strand I visit and take care of. I grew up in San Diego but use to visit Coronado Island when I was a young teen. My boyfriend (young also) worked at the well-known Del Coronado Hotel and we use to go to the recreation center and play ping pong when he got off work. Moving along here. I was lucky enough to inherit most of these beautiful little souls from my Aunt who passed. Most all are MINT CONDITION with MINT tags and Tush Tags and some are rare to very rare to extremely rare. They are from a Non smoking, no children, no pet home. I have customers from all over the world who love these little babies. I do know each of these little souls by their names and have most all of them to date.

I wanted to write you one story I have always treasured from one of my customers. One of my customers called me and seemed a little frantic and desperate to find the Beanie Babies “Irwin” (he is green with a clover on his chest). I have Beanie babies “Irwin”, I told him. He was so excited. Then he continued and told me this story.

When I was young, after my mother got paid from her job, she would take me to the Hallmark store buy a one Beanie Babies. He told me, he loved all of them and always treasured them. But many years later, somewhere along the line they all got lost or carried away, somehow. Then he told me. Beanie Babies “Irwin” was the last Beanie Babies she bought me before she passed. My heart thumped.

This story brought tears to my eyes. In my heart, I was so happy I could bring joy to this customer. And also for him to remember the Love his mother gave him.

And so my little soul “Irwin” traveled to another home. A home where I knew he was going to be cherished. And so it goes. Each one of these beautiful Beanie Babies I know have a “beautiful soul” and I am hoping they each travel to a new home and bring only true joy! Welcome to my world. Beanie Babies Queen! Enjoy Shopping!